The GUE Fundamentals course is designed to help you to get the most out of your diving. It will set the path for a successful and adventurous diving career.

No matter whether you are a relatively new diver or you have previous experience but want to start your technical diving career, in this class we will introduce you to the unique and standardized GUE style of diving.

The Fundamentals class is a fun and action packed four day class and will leave you with a set of new skills and a fresh view on many diving aspects.

In order to enroll in a Fundamentals course you must:

  1. Submit a completed registration form, a medical history, and a liability release to GUE Headquarters
  2. Be physically and mentally fit
  3. Hold insurance that will cover diving emergencies such as hyperbaric treatment, e.g. DAN Master-level insurance or equivalent
  4. Be a nonsmoker
  5. Obtain a physician’s prior written authorization for the use of prescription drugs, except for birth control, or for any prior medical condition that may pose a risk while diving
  6. Be a minimum of 16 years of age
  7. Be a certified GUE Rec 1 diver or be certified as an open water diver from a recognized training agency

Course Content

The Fundamentals course is conducted over four days, and we will do a minimum of 6 dives with some classroom lectures and skill practice on dry land.