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GUE Cave Curriculum
Cave and Overhead diving offers great fascination and excitement for advanced divers. With the right training and experience thousands of divers have ventured into this fascinating world and nowadays cave diving is no longer deemed a high risk sport for only the selected few.
Caves are often described as the last frontier of human exploration on our planet and they provide an exciting playground for curious divers that seek to explore this hidden and fragile environment. An ever changing world of hidden natural wonders, maze like tunnels full of geological formations that in some cases seem to defy all logical sense of gravitational logic.
Going where no one has gone before or simply exploring what lies right beneath our surface are just some of the reasons why so many people seek cave diving training.
There are certain risks associated with diving in an overhead environment and special training is required to learn the necessary skills and procedures to manage those risks and make cave diving an exciting and joyful experience.
GUE’s cave diving training is of the highest quality and GUE cave divers can be found all over the world exploring new cave systems or simply enjoying the beauty that this special environment has to offer. Cave Exploration has always played a strong historical role for GUE and many of our instructors and divers have gained a worldwide reputation for their outstanding achievements, explorations and contribution to the conservation of this beautiful and fragile environment.