Ox Bel Ha

Until very recently Ox Bel Ha was the longest underwater cave system in the world. The flooded passages have a length of almost 300km and many of it secrets are not yet properly mapped and explored. The Mexico Cave Exploration project (MCEP) has made it it’s goal to fully explore this wonderful cave system and […]

Nacimiento del Rio Mante

Sheck Exley is widely known as a cavediving legend and pioneer of our sport. Exley was an early adapter to the use of helium in his breathing mixture for deep diving. Sadly, this quest to find out just how deep he could dive cost him his life in 1994 Exley during an attempt to dive to […]

Cave Diving Mallorca

Early 2016 I was fortunate to be invited on an exciting filming project to document the caves in Mallorca, Spain. The caves of Mallorca have since long been on bucket list and what can I say, they certainly did not disappoint. During the week we visited five different caves among them the famous Cova de […]


Sistema Uxuxubi is a cave system in Akumal Mexico. The cave has originally been explored by my good friend David Dusek from speleozone.com. In 2014 we started to survey the cave and with promising new leads it was not long before we continued active exploration and managed to double the cave length to just over […]

Karst Odyssey Exploration project – Bosnia & Herzegovina

  Dinaric Karst Bosnia and Herzegovina lies in the Dinaric Karst region of southeast Europe. The Dinarsko gorje (Dinaric mountains) extend from northeast Italy through Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Montenegro to Albania forming the largest continuous Karst landscape in Europe. The region holds huge amounts of groundwater forming some of the world’s largest […]