About Me 

Originally from Austria I am now full time based in Quintana Roo Mexico where I work as a GUE cave instructor and spend most of my time exploring the fascinating cave systems of the  Yucatan peninsula.

I started diving in 1993 and have been an active dive instructor since almost 20 Years.

Being an active caver since 2002 I visited many caving regions all around the world. I am extremely passionate about the underground environment and have dedicated most of my spare time to the exploration and documentation of dry and underwater caves on numerous projects around the world.

In addition to my diving I work as a hydrographic surveyor all over the world and have a degree in underwater science. This background gives me the ideal experience to map and survey our underwater world either in flooded caves or in the sea.

Through my long teaching experience and active participation in many international exploration projects I am committed to providing you with the most comprehensive education and the best skills and knowledge for your future diving career.


Cave diving projects

2011 Perdreau, Herault France: Exploration in Sump 2 involving vertical & post sump dry caving

2010 – 2013: Europe: Various video projects in British and French caves

2013 – Present: Bosnia & Herzegovina: Karst Odyssey – Exploration Diver

2013 – Present: Cabouy, Lot France: The Hidden River Project – Survey & Exploration

2016 – Mallorca, Spain: Video project in various UW caves

2017 – Tamaulipas, Mexico: Survey project in Nacimiento de Rio Mante

2014 – Present: Q. Roo Mexico: Mexico Cave Exploration Project (MCEP) – Exploration Diver

2015 – Present: Q. Roo Mexico: Mexico Cave Survey – Exploration Diver

2017 – Fl, USA: WKPP – support diver

2018 – Rapa Nui, Chile: UW video documentation and looking for submerged caves around the island